Leek Village Entrance



Leek is a small village in the Groningen-Assen area. At the entrance to the village is an old hotel and business park. The site is earmarked for phased redevelopment, but due to the many years it will take, the Municipality would like to explore various temporary re-uses. It is an important strategic site, the first thing a visitor to Leek sees on his/her arrival to the village. Its rundown appearance gives a poor impression of the village and presents a disincentive to possible future investment.

Leek hotel and business park.
Leek hotel and business park.

Big Challenges:

In a recent workshop held in Groningen which discussed all four of the pilots in The Netherlands, three main challenges were identified:

  1.  How can the Municipality keep the current tenants while finding a new use for the site?
  2.  How can the appearance of the village entrance be made to look a little more acceptable, or even attractive?  The lack of support from the car dealer owner makes this particularly problematic.
  3. In the longer term, how can we create quality buildings or space with a unique Leek identify that will bring in an income?

Lessons Learned:

This pilot is in progress. Lessons learned will be added as the pilot develops.